Insight into Worship - 'Tis So Sweet

Eric Sparks on February 10, 2018

Louisa Stead Louisa M.R. Stead

The song ’Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus was written in 1882 by Louisa M. R. Stead. Louisa was born in 1850 in Dover, England.  She came to live in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1871.  She attended a camp meeting in Urbana, Ohio, and there she committed her life to serving as a missionary.  Louisa married in 1875, and she and her husband had a little girl, Lily.  When Lily was just 4 years old, her parents took her for a beach picnic at Long Island Sound in New York.  While they were eating, a drowning boy cried for help.  Mr. Stead ran into the water to save him, but as so often happens, the struggling boy pulled Mr. Stead underwater with him.  They both drowned, as Louisa and Lily watched.  In the days that ensued, and from her grief and struggle with God, Louisa wrote the words to this beloved hymn. Soon after Mr. Stead’s passing, Louisa and Lily left for missionary work.  Louisa served in South Africa from 1880 – 1895, and in Zimbabwe from 1900 – 1911, when she retired due to ill health.  She passed from this life in 1917.  Her fellow missionaries loved this song, and it is recorded that Christians in Zimbabwe continue to sing her hymn in their local language. Through tragedy early in her life, Louisa learned to simply trust in Jesus.  It is our prayer for you today that you can do the same as we worship. Whatever the problem, whatever the burden, run as fast as you can to Jesus with it.