Insight into Worship - Why Use the Lord’s Prayer in Worship?

Richard Thomas on February 16, 2018

First, when our Lord was asked, “Teach us to pray,” He responded with what we now call the Lord’s Prayer.  That alone is commendation enough for us to pray it.  Far too often though, we recite the prayer without actually praying it.  We say the words but don’t actually communicate to the Almighty with them.  Second, in teaching the Church to pray, Jesus did not mean for us only to say these words, but these words should provide a guide for our praying.  Put another way, the Lord’s Prayer has six petitions (beginning with “Hallowed be Your name” and ending with “Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”) which are wonderful prayer requests in themselves but are also meant to be doorways into whole areas of prayer.  Think of each petition as an accordion file folder which expands to hold all kinds of related prayer material.  See the Westminster Larger Catechism questions 190-195 for all the things included under each petition.  As we pray the Lord’s Prayer together, may we not disengage our minds from our great God in worship. Rather, may we vigorously beseech Him and praise Him through the great gift of the Lord’s Prayer.