Insight into Worship - What Makes Preaching So Important?

Richard Thomas on March 7, 2018

Keep in mind that in worship, God speaks to His people and his people respond. Worship is a dialogue!  The main way God speaks to His people is through the Word preached.  Preaching was the main activity of the apostles.  “…they went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them.”  (Mk. 16:20)  The core of a call to the ministry is a call to preach the Gospel.  This, of course, does not limit preaching just to the topic of the cross or to salvation, but God has chosen to show his power through the preaching of the “whole counsel of God.”  (Acts 20: 27)  Thus true preaching is the proclaiming of the authoritative Word of God. (“Authoritative” simply means we must do what God says.)  Thus this proclamation is an awe-inspiring action.  One writer put it this way: “When the Hebrew prophet said, ‘The word of the Lord came to me,’ it was to him an overwhelming and even heart-shattering experience.  When he said, Thus saith the Lord, he was repeating no idle formula.  The Word was like a fire that burned the prairies; a hammer that broke the rock into pieces.”  Today’s preacher and hearer should have the same attitude towards the Word as did the apostles and prophets.