Insight into Worship - What is a "Call to Worship" and why do we do it every Sunday?

Richard Thomas on April 20, 2018

The call to worship in a worship service summons the people of God to think about the exalted purpose for which they have gathered- the praise and adoration of God. When we cross the threshold of the Church, we leave the common and enter the holy. Corporate worship is different from anything else the believer does- it is special! Worship is the ultimate duty for believers. Also the call to worship unites God’s people in a single purpose. A local congregation will have all kinds of interests, as well as varying levels of Christian maturity. We also hit the door of the Church with a variety of attitudes: some are excited to be in worship; others may want to be somewhere else. Some have just left family friction at home, others have been struggling with fierce temptation, still others are fighting the thoughts of next week’s demands at school or work. It is the call to worship that is to secure our attention for the supreme activity of corporate communion with God and the praise of His holy name