Insight into Worship - Why Use the Apostles' Creed in Worship?

Richard Thomas on April 27, 2018


The Christian Church has used creeds (Apostles’, Nicene and others) at least as far back as the second century as tools for worshipping God. Thus we are careful not to simply recite a creed, but rather to see them as conduits to worship, briefly summarizing what we believe about God and driving us to praise. The Bible contains about 800,000 words and the Apostles’ Creed, about one hundred. These succinct truths contained in the Apostles’ Creed ought to amaze us and bring great joy. As we repeat these words in worship, our hearts should fly up in adoration to our loving Lord. Consider how wonderful these truths are: God is our Father! Or the miracle of Jesus being “born of a virgin.” Or that our sins can be and are forgiven in Christ. How can we rehearse them and not rejoice in our God? Keep in mind that though they are not Scripture, they are derived from the Bible. As they rest upon the solid foundation of the Bible and have stood for nearly two millennia, we gladly use them in our worship to God!