Insight into Worship - What is the Prayer of Invocation?

Richard Thomas on May 13, 2018

1k8-solomon_dedicates_temple Solomon's Prayer of Dedication (1 Kings 8)

In short, it is a prayer seeking the Lord’s help in bringing acceptable worship to our great God. Once we have heard God call us to praise Him (through the Call to Worship), we are to respond to Him. (Remember that worship is a dialogue; God speaks to us and we respond.) So when we speak to God in our Prayer of Invocation, what are we asking? We are asking Him to be present and to show His power by helping us to worship Him appropriately. It is only as the Holy Spirit moves upon both minister and congregation, that God can actually be worshipped. We need that much help! Prayers of Invocation should also carry a clear note of praise and adoration of God. If He has just called us to worship Him, it is only fitting that we respond by rehearsing His greatness. After all, we are praising the only true and living God; majestic, one God in three persons; infinite, eternal, and unchangeable; the Author of redeeming grace!