Insight into Worship - What makes corporate worship so important?

Richard Thomas on June 23, 2019

Many of the activities we do during a worship service could be done alone. However, we receive a greater benefit when we do them together. One of the benefits is seeing a greater display of the God’s glory. God’s inherent glory never increases or diminishes, but that glory is more visible when we meet together inworship. When we come together to “pour forth the fame of [God’s] abundant goodness” (Psalm 145:7) through singing, praying, serving, and preaching, more people can see that God is worthy of praise. Theologian Donald Whitney explains: “When a football team wins the national championship, it gets more glory if the game is shown to millions throughout the country than if no one but you were to see it individually on closed-circuit TV…Public glory obviously brings more glory than does private glory. Likewise, God gets more glory when you worship him with the church than when you worship him alone.” It’s through the church that the manifold wisdom of God is put on display (Eph. 3:10). Therefore, when we meet as God intended—to sing, pray, read, hear and obey his Word, to proclaim his praise in song, and to rehearse, revel in, and respond to the gospel—then we will be glorifying God in a greater way than if we did those things alone.